Sean and James

Back in July, Sean asked me to photograph an event at Louis Vuitton on a Friday morning. I wasn’t entirely sure about what to expect for this event, as he had not given me many details. On my train ride up to Lenox Mall, however, he sent me a text revealing that he would be proposing to his partner James. My excitement spiked suddenly. The shoot was fantastic, but it was also followed by many conversations with Sean about how he is not supposed to surprise the photographer, only the partner

Fast forward to a fabulous weekend in March where they hosted the cutest and most beautifully decorated wedding at a beach house in Isle of Palms, just outside of Charleston, SC. They were celebrated by 50 of their loving friends and family. I had the privilege of documenting the entire weekend, starting Thursday night and ending Sunday. It was phenomenal. The weather remained in the blissful 70’s throughout the day. During the ceremony, the sun hid behind clouds and allowed us to capture every detail of a beautiful unification of love.

When James vowed his love to Sean and expressed, “As a young boy, I prayed for a husband”, my heart beamed with joy. There may have even been a few tears shed. I can confidently say, however, that I was not the only romantic in the audience. The love between Sean and James spread readily through the crowd.

I wish them the best of luck in the beginning of their new future.

The stunning decorations: David Walton